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Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Super Clean Blogger Template
DescriptionsFeatures : Horizontal Menu, post auto summary in homepage. When there is no picture in the post, a replacement image appears, Lightbox Effect on images (prettyPhoto), At the end of each post is a box appears with the avatar and author information, and more...
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  1. Anonymous

    How can i get "bullet points" in my blog ?

    Hi, I am a complete newbie here. I have a blog and its hosted on blogger. I applied a template on my blog and customized it but I don't know the coding of bullet points. Whenever I apply bullets to any line in my post, nothing appears, except the line. Please help me. How can I have the bullet points in my blog.

    Please visit my blog and give me the solution.

    Help will be much appreciated ............

    When I write a post, in the edit post section the bullet points are completely visible but when I hit the publish button or even the preview button, the bullets are not visible. Juts the lines.

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